Harvesting Talent Workforce

An Unmatched Work Ethic

In Monterey County, where Salinas is based, agriculture employs nearly one out of every four workers. With the vegetable and produce industry at the core of Salinas’ economy, the city’s workforce is deeply rooted in generations of agriculture expertise, and a strong work ethic is part of our DNA.

Salinas’ median population age is 29 (compared to 33 in California), and the city boasts a competitive advantage in workforce diversity – with an estimated 68 percent of the population speaking more than one language at home.

Salinas is dedicated to advancing its workforce in agtech. The city invests in a number of partnerships and mentorship programs that harness the talent of local youth through collaboration with industry leaders. Young professionals also have access to a plethora of universities and professional institutions that prepare them with high-tech skills for jobs of the future. Additionally, Monterey County is home to 11 higher education institutions and several other government entities, which serve an estimated 83,000 undergraduate students.