National Steinbeck Center, Salinas California
The New York Times: “What to Find in Salinas Valley: Lush Fields, Good Wine and, Yes, Steinbeck”

New York Times reporter takes an all-encompassing look at the beauty of Salinas’ landscape, culture and people.

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First Annual Young Innovators Challenge of Salinas

The first annual Young Innovators Challenge will take place March 31, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at CSUMB Salinas City Center. Middle and high school students are invited to a full day of inspiring presentations, competitions, and fun alongside industry leaders and advanced students.  

Young Innovators Flyer 2017
Forbes Agtech Summit in Salinas California
Salinas to Host Forbes AgTech Summit 2017

The Forbes AgTech Summit will return to Salinas for a third time on June 28-29, 2017, bringing together more than 500 industry experts and entrepreneurs to tackle some of agriculture’s most pressing challenges.

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PBS Reports on how California’s ‘Salad Bowl’ is Cultivating More Than Crops

Salinas startups are using innovation to expand the region’s adoption of technology and provide new opportunities for the local population.

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Agtech Scientist in Salinas California
Fast Company Features Trace Genomics, “The ‘23andMe’ Of Soil”

Trace Genomics, a graduate of Salinas’ THRIVE Accelerator Program, has developed a special kit that allows farmers to collect soil samples from their crops’ roots and send it to Trace’s lab for disease analysis.

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Forbes Names Salinas No. 8 Strongest Farming & Agribusiness Region in the Nation

Salinas’ specialization in “fresh” has made it a center of agricultural research and marketing.

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Hydroponics for salad in greenhouse
CNBC Reports from Salinas on “Farming for the Future”

CNBC visits Taylor Farms’ headquarters and explores its highly innovative farming robots and technology.

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Forbes Explores Soft Robot Technology at Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms is working with startup Soft Robotics to implement automated produce pickers.

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Los Angeles Times: “Salinas hopes to turn farm workers’ children into computer scientists”

Salinas is building an agtech ecosystem to strengthen its workforce, expand job opportunities, and grow its economy.

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