Taylor Farms

Championing Collaboration & Growth

Salinas-based Taylor Farms is North America’s largest supplier of salads and healthy fresh foods. Established in 1995, the company operates 12 facilities across North America and produces 120 million servings of fresh food every week, serving leading customers in foodservice, retail produce, and prepared foods.

The 100,000 square-foot headquarters building that Taylor Farms opened in downtown Salinas in 2015 has been a catalyst for major revitalization of the area. The building houses the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology, a co-working space for agtech startups.

Key Facts & Figures
Salinas, California Location
Headquarters Operations
12,000 nationally; 3,000 in Salinas Number of Employees

Taylor Farms is an industry leader in agtech innovation, reflected by milestone advancements in automated harvesting, processing, food safety, and sustainability. Specific advances include an Automated Romaine Harvester, a revolutionary machine that utilizes a water jet knife technology to cut heads of romaine, and SmartWash Solutions, a USDA verified, food wash water system. Taylor Farms invests in agtech startups such as Soft Robotics, an advanced robotic tool that can pick up and handle delicate produce. Taylor Farms has a genuine commitment to developing sustainable practices with eight major projects in the U.S., including solar, wind, cogen and water recycling.

Taylor Farms’ Chairman and CEO Bruce Taylor has played an instrumental role in bringing Salinas’ agriculture leaders together to spur advances in industry innovation. He serves as an expert mentor for Salinas’ THRIVE Accelerator Program, and in 2015 he accepted the Forbes Impact Award in Leadership for his role in leading the agtech movement in the Salinas Valley.

Taylor Farms has a long history of giving back to the local community – focusing on programs that support youth education, leadership development, and healthy lifestyles.