Elevating Agriculture Entrepreneurship

Fresh Ideas Thrive Here

The Salinas Valley boasts a long history of pioneering innovations – from introducing iceberg lettuce, the first variety of lettuce to survive cross-country travel, to the invention of bagged salad. Today, our agtech startups are making strides in everything from sensor technology and robotics to big data and clean energy.

With major corporations such as Taylor Farms, Driscoll’s, and Dole, as well as startups like HeavyConnect and HarvestPort, Salinas has the mentors, resources, and community necessary for entrepreneurs to flourish.

Success Story

Taylor Farms

Salinas-based Taylor Farms is North America’s largest supplier of salads and healthy fresh foods. Established in 1995, the company operates 12 facilities across North America and produces 120 million servings of fresh food every week, serving leading customers in foodservice, retail produce, and prepared foods.

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