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  • Young Farmers Find Opportunities in Salinas

    A surprising trend is emerging in one of America’s oldest industries: there is a growing number of millennials who are leaving their corporate jobs to become farmers. For only the second time in the last century, the number of farmers under 35 years old is increasing, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest Census...

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    Hahn Family Wines Brings IoT to the Farm with Verizon AgTech Partnership

    Startups aren’t the only companies making advancements in agtech in Salinas—many major growers in the region are investing in innovative programs and technologies that are making their farms smarter, more efficient and more productive. One of these companies is Hahn Family Wines, a Salinas Valley staple that’s been selling wines from its estate vineyards since...

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    Concentric-Taylor Farms-Cogenertion System
    Taylor Farms’ New Sustainability Systems Offset Energy Use by 90 Percent

    In an agriculture industry that’s heavily dependent on fossil fuels, Salinas-based Taylor Farms is making national headlines for its radical steps toward clean energy. In an effort to shrink its environmental footprint and promote sustainability in agriculture, Taylor Farms recently completed a makeover of its energy ecosystems and is now using wind, solar and co-generation...

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    Los Angeles Times: AgTech in the Salinas Valley brings new life (and hope) to California’s farms

    Companies from Salinas and the surrounding region are using technology and robotic machines to tackle the labor shortage problem that faces the agriculture industry, the Los Angeles Times reported last week. Reporter Geoffrey Mohan explores how major growers in the Salinas area like Driscoll’s, Tanimura & Antle and Taylor Farms are developing high-tech machines that...

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    Forbes Agtech Summit in Salinas California
    What You Should Know About Salinas’ Third Annual Forbes Agtech Summit

    For the third straight year, Salinas will play host to some of the brightest minds in the agtech industry for the 2017 Forbes Agtech Summit. The event will take place in downtown Salinas, California on June 28 and 29. Forbes calls the event “a fully immersive experience into the burgeoning world of agricultural technology,” featuring...

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    Salinas Farming Automation
    Salinas featured in WIRED as home to “The Future of Farming”

    Salinas, California is creating a global model for the integration of artificial intelligence and automation into the world of agriculture, WIRED reported yesterday. As American farms struggle with labor shortages, reporter Matt Simon describes how companies such as Taylor Farms and Hahn Family Wines are using sophisticated robots and sensors not only to make harvesting...

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    Western Growers Center
    Western Growers Nurtures AgTech Startups in Salinas

    From droughts and worker shortages to food safety, the agriculture industry faces an increasing number of challenges on a daily basis. In Salinas, the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) is dedicated to solving these challenges and more, by supporting agtech entrepreneurs and facilitating relationships between the technology and agriculture worlds. Western Growers...

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    Salinas Farm with Windmill
    Forbes Hosts Third AgTech Summit

    Forbes Hosts Third AgTech Summit June 28-29, 2017, Salinas Valley Speakers include Janet Napolitano, President of University of California, Former Secretary of Homeland Security; Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Media; Mike Teel, Owner & Chief Executive Officer of Raley’s; Bruce Taylor, Chairman & CEO of Taylor Farms; Neal Gutterson, Ph.D., Vice President, Research &...

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    Ripe Cherry Tomatoes on Vine
    This agtech startup brings harvesting data to your smartphone

    Through his startup agtech company, Food Origins, Salinas entrepreneur Nathan Dorn is bringing precision data to the specialty crops Americans eat every day.

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