News Digital Journal Touts AgTech Innovation in Salinas Valley

Digital Journal last week highlighted agtech innovation in the Salinas Valley in an article titled, “Salinas, CA: Where startups are innovating in AgTech.”

In his article, Digital Journal reporter Tim Sandle talks about how startups and major growers alike are working to solve agriculture issues related to production, transparency and safety by testing and advancing new technologies here in the Salinas Valley.

“Located just 60 miles south of Silicon Valley, Salinas is an agtech epicenter – where a great deal is happening in the fields: everything from farmworkers learning new automated technologies, to a startup creating the “blockchain of food,” to robotic vegetable weeders.”

The article highlights how Salinas-based Taylor Farms’ has invested $1 million investment in training facilities to help farm workers learn the next generation of agriculture technology, as well as FarmWise’s new autonomous vegetable weeder,’s “Food Quality Network,” and Trace Genomic’s work in helping farmers study the health of their soil.

As agtech continues to make advancements, more farmers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders are turning to Salinas as the leader in industry innovation. To learn more about agtech opportunities in Salinas, contact our team or visit our startup page for more information.