News CNBC Features Bear Flag Robotics

CNBC recently produced a broadcast segment on Bear Flag Robotics, an autonomous tractor company with a presence in Salinas’ Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT). The story highlights Bear Flag Robotics’ race to get the first self-driving tractor on the commercial market before larger corporations do. Visual demonstrations showcase the impressive machines plowing entire fields without any assistance from the farmers. Moreover, the segment explains how these innovative technologies will not eliminate jobs – contrary to the concern of many – but rather create more purposeful, advanced opportunities in the industry.

bear flag robotics

As startups at the WGCIT continue pushing the boundaries in agtech innovation, more places are looking to Salinas as an industry thought leader. Just recently, AgriTech New Zealand and Western Growers announced a unique partnership that will help New Zealand and the U.S. develop technologies in a collaborative atmosphere, sharing best practices and providing in-market support. Cross collaboration is at the heart of Salinas’ ever-growing agtech community, and with partnerships like these, startups will continue designing products like Bear Flag Robotics’ autonomous tractor.

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