News CNBC Features Salinas-based Companies in New Broadcast

CNBC recently featured local agtech startups and their work with large farming corporations in a broadcast segment titled How robots are changing the farming industry.”

Opening with Salinas Valley-based Driscoll’s – the world’s largest berry distributor in the world – the video highlights the company’s use of automated berry pickers and how the technology has helped address labor shortages. The story then goes on to highlight Soft Robotics, which has a team in the Western Growers Center for Information and Technology, and how the company’s patented, soft gripping systems are able to handle produce more carefully than other agriculture automation in the industry. Their presence in Salinas has grown significantly since they established a partnership with Taylor Farms in 2015.

The segment closes featuring John Deere’s innovative tractor technology. With automation capabilities, their new agtech systems allow farmers to monitor soil conditions and distribute pesticides with more accuracy. This optimizes yields and ultimately saves farmers valuable resources. The segment also notes that John Deere recently acquired agtech startup, Blue River Technology, which uses “see-spray” tech to distribute herbicide with computer vision and machine learning.

As agtech continues to advance across the globe, more farmers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders are turning to Salinas as the leader in industry innovation. To learn more about agtech opportunities in Salinas, contact our team or visit our startup page or more information.