Salinas, California Where Farming
Meets The Future

The Epicenter of AgTech

Salinas, California — also known as the “Salad Bowl of the World” — is quickly transforming into a global hub for agriculture technology.

From drones in the fields to robots packing lettuce, farms are getting smarter – and Salinas is ripe with opportunity for innovation and investment in agtech.

Why Salinas, CA?

Where Agriculture & Innovation Collide

Salinas is the nation’s fresh food capital located in the backyard of Silicon Valley.

Feeding the World with Smarter Farms

Salinas companies are using technology to solve the world’s most critical challenges in food production and sustainability.

Fertile Ground for Startups

Our local innovation center, incubator and accelerator programs are dedicated specifically to agtech companies.

From Pickers to Programmers

Salinas is dedicated to educating our workforce and cultivating the high-tech, high-skilled farmers of the future.

Facts & Stats

News Feed

Happy Earth Day From Salinas: Three Companies Embracing AgTech to Go Greener

In celebration of Earth Day, we are looking at how Salinas farmers are turning to technology to solve a wide array of environmental challenges. As a key agricultural region in the United States, it’s no surprise that Salinas is home to many companies that are leveraging technology to become more sustainable. From solar-powered cooling facilities...

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ALBA: Growing the Next Generation of Organic Family Farms

From startup incubators and business development programs, to apprenticeships, higher education institutions and classrooms in the field, Salinas, CA boasts a variety of resources tailored to help agriculture entrepreneurs succeed. Among them includes Salinas-based Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), an organization that helps aspiring farmers develop organic farming and management skills, pursue the dream...

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Digital Journal Touts AgTech Innovation in Salinas Valley

Digital Journal last week highlighted agtech innovation in the Salinas Valley in an article titled, “Salinas, CA: Where startups are innovating in AgTech.” In his article, Digital Journal reporter Tim Sandle talks about how startups and major growers alike are working to solve agriculture issues related to production, transparency and safety by testing and advancing new technologies...

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